11 Oct

When a business grows, it needs the free flow of information to be disseminated among the workers, colleagues, supervisors and managements.  They need the documents and up to date data for the collaborative work. And the main way to sharing data and documents is the email attachment. You don’t need to wait for the hard copy to arrive. You can send, receive or download the soft copy of the documents within a minute instead.

A large part of the Yahoo users sometimes encounters file attachment issues. If you are a Yahoo user and can’t upload, download, receive or attach your file, then here we will provide you the ways to fix it. Generally, people have issues to attach or download due to the browser or the file type. Here are some handy tips to fix the issue of file attachment in Yahoo Mail.

  • Make sure that the attachment of the mail is not encrypted. Yahoo does not support coded or encrypted files. You need to transfer or ask the sender to send the unencrypted version of the mail.
  • You need to check the compatibility of the browser with Yahoo. If you are using an older version, update it as soon as possible to the latest version for a seamless experience.  
  • If the attachment name contains any special character, then Yahoo sometimes denies attaching or downloading the file. Remove the special characters like @#$& from the file name and try to attach them.
  • If you are still confronting the problem, here are some steps to fix file attachment upload and downloading issues in Yahoo.
  • If the attachment is PDF, then you need to download and install the Adobe Reader program to read it.
  • Sometimes firewall programs don’t allow any file to attach or download. You need to temporarily disable the firewall or antivirus program which may prevent Yahoo to execute the command.
  • Check the settings of your browser; especially the default downloading space.
  • You can troubleshoot the browser for further help.
  • You can consult the help page of the browser
  • If you are using the paperclip icon for attaching the files, stop it. You can drag and drop the files to your email to attach.
  • If you can’t find the downloaded file, search it in the Download folder of your computer.
  • You can try a different web browser to upload or download the attachment.
  • You can even compress the file before attaching with Yahoo mail.

Call Yahoo mail support toll free number now to fix Upload and Downloading Issues  and get uninterrupted access to your Yahoo mail.

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